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Can Joint Pain Relief Codes Fix Your Back Pain?

So you’ve heard of the new system that came out from Jonathan bender? I’m talking about the series of eBooks and videos called Joint Pain Relief Codes that is supposed to somehow magically fix all your joint pain…

Well… regardless of whether you’ve heard about it or not… You’ve probably landed on this page because you are experiencing some kind of pain in your joints. I think the best course of action for me here is to simply just show you (arguably the best) review video about this system as it will also give you some great insight on how to naturally cure your joint pain once and for all. Yes… I’m even talking about serious, chronic, excruciating, annoying, life-ruining, lower back pain!

How Joint Pain Relief Codes Permanently Fixed Jeroen’s Back

Usually when you try to find reviews on digital products online through search you get nothing but spam, lies, and plain B.S. As you can see from watching the video above, this is actually a legitimate review that goes deep into Joint Pain Relief Codes. First of all, I had a feeling this product was actually going to be of some value… especially at only $38. This was because it was literally created by the famous NBA player, Jonathan Bender.

If anyone knows about knee pain… it’s really tall people. Haha! It’s true though… And where can you find the large majority of the tallest people on Earth? Basketball of course! The NBA to be exact. Here:

Check for yourself and see that a huge slice of the tall-guy-pie goes to play basketball in the NBA.

Where Jonathan Bender’s Knee Pain Came From

You can bet on the fact that when you grow to be seven feet tall like Jonathan Bender, you’ll have gone through quite the growing pains! Yes, as you heard in the video, Jonathan Bender grew six inches in only four months.

Joint Pain Relief Codes diagram of kneecap and knee painNow as a short person (or average for a girl… I guess… at 5’5″), I have absolutely no idea what that must be like… except for the fact that I have a 20-year-old cousin that grew to be 6’9″ by the time he was 18. He grew so fast that his kneecaps swam to the outside of his legs on both knees because he just grew THAT fast… OUCH!

Yes… he said it was very painful… and when I saw it… I could at least imagine it to be quite painful. It was simply painful just to look at it!

By the way, if you liked this post about Joint Pain Relief Codes, you’ll probably want to read this one.

Anyways… Back To Back Pain…

Sorry… I tend to go off on tangents when I write posts and get really excited about the content, but the stuff I mentioned before about knee pain is relevant and important. Why is it relevant to the rest of us? It is because like the majority of really tall people experiencing knee pain, the rest of us will, at least at some point during our lives, experience back pain… generally lower back pain.

Now the back is quite unique in that it is made up of many joints… The spine is made up of 33 bones, to be exact, and that means a whole lot of joints… and a whole lot of potential for problems… pain… life-sucking badness… for the lack of better words.

As you saw in the video, it is quite easy to mess up your back… and there are so many so-called treatments out there for back pain… and… I’m sure you’re no stranger to having heard them all… except Joint Pain Relief Codes of course… up until now.

The Exact Stretches That Remedied Jeroen’s Back Pain

So if you saw in the video how Jeroen’s back looked in the X-ray and how it happened, you may be saying to yourself, “yeah… this is actually exactly what happened to me…”

I know you’re dying to hear exactly how he fixed his back… Well lets get into just some of the specific exercises he did that can help you too. Please remember that this isn’t everything as we can’t reveal everything just in this short post. Also, he sent us the picture of the X-ray as you’ll see below (don’t worry… that thing is just his belt buckle).

  • back x-rayIf you’ve hurt your back recently and are in great pain, start with this: lay down on your back on your bed… or something soft. Simply bring your knees to your chest and wrap your arms around the undersides of your knees. Lock your hands and pull your knees to your chest as much as you can without causing too much pain. Hold this for about 30 seconds. This is a very mild exercise that will prime you for some of the more intense ones that will start to bring your spine back to the position it was designed for. If you need to see exactly how to do this stretch, and others, check this out.
  • Now if your spine curves to your left hand side because your right hip moved up (like Jeroen’s), do this: while still laying on your back, take your left ankle (first) into your hands as you have your left knee going outwards. Try, as much as you comfortably can, to bring your ankle to your chest. Do kind of a bounce stretch for about 10 seconds while maintaining your right leg straight as an arrow.
  • Repeat this same exercise taking your right ankle to your chest (as much as you can), but this time really pull hard and do it for about 45 seconds. It may be uncomfortable, but just breathe as you’re doing it. This is how you’ll gradually have your right back muscles (and powerful right glute) pull your rotated spine back towards the middle of your back (where it should be).
  • Now that you’ve loosened up your lower back muscles a bit, it’s time to relieve some tension from your vertebrae. While still laying down on your back and legs straight out, stretch your arms out to the sides parallel to each other (as in in a straight line) as much as you can to provide some leverage. Take your left knee up to your chest but then rotate it over to your right hand side as far as you can remember to pull it up towards your chest as high as you can. Feel that pop… pop… pop? That’s the air… the tension… you’re relieving from in between your vertebrae.
  • Repeat this same exercise taking right knee over to your left side. You may not feel as much of a pop because that means you have already relieved all of the tension, but that’s OK. You still need to always stretch and work both sides.
  • The last exercise is probably going to be your least favorite and one you may not think will help… but guess… what? It’s very important. It’s simple… Do some crunches! Yes! Strengthening your core (especially your abdominal muscles) is key to protecting and fixing your back. When you have a strong core, your core will take a big load off of your back during the day when you’re mostly vertical. Nobody likes doing crunches but it is imperative to relieving back pain and protecting your back in general.

Now remember that these were only just a handful of the exercises that Jeroen did from the Joint Pain Relief Code system. On top of that, there are also several other remedies (including eating specific meals) he conducted to completely get rid of his back pain.

He also tried an inversion table for a while, he said, and here is his video where he explains how that works:

With that being said, we hope that you resolve your join pain permanently… naturally… and can enjoy life unhindered once again!

By the way, if back pain or any kind of joint pain is stopping you from enjoying the benefits of yoga, check out our recent post about Yoga Burn.



You can see that yoga is a great way to become more flexible, stress-free, toned, but also to lose weight. Body, mind and spirit – it truly is a holistic approach to becoming healthier overall. Obviously some yoga poses are more difficult than others. With that being said, it is important that you follow a progressive and dynamic program that advances only when you do.

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